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What Is An Automatic Responder?

People Call Automatic Responders "Autoresponders" - And These Are Programs That Will Automatically Respond To Emails Using A Message That Has Been "Pre-Canned". Say You Were To Respond To An Invitation To Sign-Up For A Newsletter By Sending A Blank Email To A Specific Address. Now, It Is Probable That This Blank Email Is Being Directed To The E-Mail Address Of An Autoresponder. This Is How An E-Mail Response Gets "Fired BAck" At You So Quickly (Usually Within Seconds It Will Be In Your Inbox). Automatic Responders (Autoresponders) Are "E-mails on demand" - Which Means That You Are In Business - Because Your Information Is Now Available Around The Clock - Constantly - For Good!

         Using An Automatic Responder Can Drastically Improve Your Sales - Without Any Extra Effort From You! An Autoresponder Can Actuall Process More Than 50,000 Requests Each Day! Automatic Rseponders Are Fantastic For Sales Letters, Email Gatherings, And Customer Support.

Here's How Autoresponders Work For Sales Letters: Let's Say That You Post To A Newsgroup - Or A Forum - And You Offer Information about Your Business (Or, Say, A Free Report About Something). Now - Whenever People Indicate That They Are Interested - By Responding with a blank email To The Address That You Had Specified - Your Automatic Responder Will Automatically Send Back (To Them) The Information That They Requested! Then - To Make Things Really Worthwhile For You - Included Right Along With The Requested Info Is Your Sales Letter! How Cool Is That?

Here's How Autoresponders Work For Customer Support: If Your Offer Customer Support - And You Receive A Lot Of Support Questions That Are Very Similar To One Another, You Can Make Your Automatic Responder Software Include A "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) List That Will Answer All Of The Most Common Questions That Are Asked About Your Products And Services. Automatic Responder Systems Also Allow You To Set Up Predefined Answers To Specific Questions. By using An Autormatic Email Responder In This Fashion, You Can Drastically Reduce Your Customer Service Load. Automated Email Messages Allow Fewer "Live Bodied" Support, Leaving Your Customer Printable Instructions For Easy Reference.

       The Best Thing About Automatic Responders Is That They Record Email Addresses Of Every Contact Who Requests Information From You! The Prospect's Addresses Can All Be Retrieved From The Automatic Responder Log And Used To Follow-Up With Them. In this way you are creating an Opt In Email Marketing List - A "Qualified Prospect" list.

It's Also An Automatic Followup Responder - In That You Can Have It Send Email Messages At Predetermined Intervals. For New Years Day, Say, You Can Send An Autoresponse E-Mail With Good Wishes (And A Seasonal Product Promotion). Or Maybe A Customer Needs To Renew His Or Her Subscription.

There Is No Reaon Not To Automatically Respond To Emails On A Large Scale. Any Serious Internet Marketer Surely Needs Automatic Responder Services.

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