Online Work At Home Income Opportunities For Residual Income
After Placing Your Classified Ads Online For Free - Take A Look At The Work At Home Money Making Opportunities To Make Or Earn Long-Term Residual Income Online At Home With Your Computer.
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When Are You Getting Your Blog Site?

Blogs Sites Have Absolutely Exploded - Along With The Tools To Create And Maintain Them. Is This Just A Trend? I don't Think So!

What Are Blog Sites - And What Can Be Done With Them?

Ok - The word "Blog" Is Just The Words "Web" And "Log" Put Together - Kind Of. It Is Both An Online Journal And A Guest Book. Dynamic Web Pages Are Created Using A Web Form - And Visitors Can Add Comments To The Entries In The Blog - If The Owner Allows This To Happen.

Blog Sites Are Created Either:

1.) On Somebody Else's Site (This Way Is Easiest By A Long Shot!), (Google) Is The One Everybody Seems To Be Using At The Moment. And Although Easy - The Customization Of Your Blog Site Has Serious Restrictions. Or, You Can

2.) Host The Blog On Your Own Server (Like You Do With A Website). Compared To The First Option - These Are More Difficult To Set Up - But You Can Control Everything About It...Like Color Schemes And Functionality.

What can you do with a blog?

Most Use Blog Sites To Simply Relay Information To Their Family, Friends, Or Members. But The "Humble Blog" Has Been Taken In Many Directions. As Internet Marketers, We Can Use Blog Sites To Make Money With Google (Or Any Others) Adsense Income, Membership Sites, Newsletters, Shopping Carts, forums, List Building (e-mail) - And Many, Many More! Polititions, Universities, And Corporatins All Use Them, Also. All This Without Worrying About Building And Maintanance - Like Web Site Webmasters Have To Contend With!

Why start a blog?

You Do This Because Blog Sites Allow You To Share Specific Information (Storehoused All In One Spot - With Individuals Anywhere Who Share The Same Ideas Or Goals) Whenever You Feel Like It!

Are You Marketing Your Website Properly?
Build Your Downline Autoresponders Search Engines Optimization And Ranking Top Rankings
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Exact Method Marketing Perpetual Marketing System Reciprocal Linking One Way Linking Making Your Site Sell
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Getting Your Blog Site