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Try New Net Mail Free Now

NewNetMail Has A Mission - And This
Mission Is Two-Fold:

1.) NewNetMail Wants Internet Users To Be Able To Choose Between Old-Fashioned Public Email (Regular E-Mail) And Private Internet Mail - Which Is Hassle-Free, Safe, And Has None Of The Costs Associated With Public (Regular) E-Mail.

And On Top Of This:

2.) NewNetMail Also Believes That Its Members Who Share These Private E-Mail Services With Others Should Be Compensated For Their Efforts.

Why Should Sending And Receiving Mail Over The Internet Involve A Sacrifice Of Confidentiality, Subject Us To A Flood OF Unwanted And Offensive Messages, And Run The Risk Of Computer Virus Infection?

The NewNetMail Vision Is A Worldwide Network Of Members Who Enjoy The Freedom Of A Secure, More Reliable State-Of-The-Art Communication System Which Will Serve Us - Not Threaten Us!

And Again - Members Deserve To Be Well-Compensated. Both Individuals And Companies Are Invited To Affiliate With Them And Share In The Profits - The HUGE Profits!

What Does NewNetMail Offer?

Privacy, Security, and Reliability. As A World Leader - They Deliver The Most Important Internet Correspondance For Personal And Business Communication!

For example:

Families Can Safely Communicate With Kids Off At School And Relatives Around The World.
Private individuals sending and receiving their internet mail can benefit from a whole new level of privacy, safety and reliability.
Companies can communicate with their employees and customers via NewNetMail without competing with a flood of unwanted email and risking viral infections.
Newsletter services can send their messages to their Opt In Subscriber List without over-zealous "spam-filters" deleting them instead of delivering them.
Marketers can communicate with their opt-in prospect or customer list without fear of breaking anti-spam laws. Those prospects and customers can "opt-out" with a single mouse click.
EVERYONE benefits from a whole new level of privacy, safety and reliability.
Their Goal Is To Make NewNetMail Private, Personal, Perfect, Extremely Profitable For Everyone In The NewNetMail Family!

Learn More About Their Mission By Clicking Here. You Will Be Taken On A Breif Tour And Will Have The Opportunity To Try NewNetMail For FREE And See Its Advantages For Yourself. This Can Be Done "By Invitation Only" With No Cost Or Obligation. Please Consider This To Be Your Personal Invitation. You Will Also Receive Our 7-Part Special Report Which Discusses The Present State Of Public Email And Provides Information You Need In Order For You, Your Family, And Your Business To Communicate Safely On The Internet.