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Passive Income

Passive Income Rules – I’m heading to the Airport!

By Bill Schnarr

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to earn a passive income the way movie stars, writers, and musicians do? Imagine if you had a job that paid you while you slept, or went on vacation, or sat around the house with your friends and family…now you’re getting the idea.

Passive residual income is the ultimate goal of anyone who wants to work to live instead of living to work. To be able to collect a pay check while you’re off doing the things you really love is a dream that most of us share at some point in our lives.

In the entertainment industry this type of passive residual income is known as collecting ‘royalties’. Every time a song is played, or a book is read, or someone goes to a movie or buys a DVD, somebody, somewhere is earning a percentage of the profits. They’ve already done the work for it – sometimes a very long time ago – and now they can collect money off the property rights for as long as they live.

But you don’t have to be famous to collect royalties and have a steady passive income coming in. Affiliate marketing, a wildly popular form of internet selling, also affords you the luxury of collecting passive income no matter where you are in the world. That means money in your pocket – without even lifting a finger.

Affiliate marketing, can provide you with steady income stream because once your website goes live, it’s available to anyone, from anywhere, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, until you decide to take it down for whatever reason.

Let’s say you decided to join a cell phone affiliate program, and provided a website with lots of different information on cell phones, from reviews of the latest models to safety concerns to comparisons of cell phone contracts and deals. Once your website was accessible online, you have thepotential of exposing your information to millions of potential cell phone customers.

Every time someone clicked on your website, liked what they read, and clicked through to a company you were affiliated with, you would earn a commission if they decided to sign on for a cell phone package or buy a new phone.

Notice how we said “Every time”? That means that if, at 3 A.M., somebody in Europe looked over your articles and signed on with a cell phone company because of it, you would earn money…while you were asleep.

Successful affiliate marketers have multiple sites up that earn them passive incomes no matter where they are and what they are doing. They simply set up their sites to the best of their ability, make sure their links are all in place, and then let their web sites do the rest of the work.

These professionals come from all walks of life, be they students or retired, living in their parents basements or buying their fifth home. They all started with a sound game plan, got some training (be sure to check out James Martell's Affiliate Marketers Handbook to teach you the basics of the industry) and made the most of their opportunities. You could do the same, if you so desired.

Now passive incomes and residual income streams aren’t simply for the rich and famous. Anyone can make the most of their affiliate marketing opportunities and earn steady passive income. All it takes is a little know-how, some smart thinking, and of course, a sound affiliate marketing plan.

Now, don’t you have a plane to catch?

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About The Author

Bill Schnarr is a single parent and freelance writer who works from his home in Calgary, Alberta. As well as writing about various ways to create passive income and having dozens of online and print publishing credits, you can also look for him in "Chicken Soup for the Single Parents Soul" which was published in February 2005.

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