What are penny auction websites? How does the bidding work? Most PA sites work exactly the same, but not all are legitimate. This page will give you a general definition of how they work. This is general information a bidder a needs to know before buying a bid pack and bidding on an item.

What Are Penny Auction Websites, And How Do They Work?

How Does A Penny Auction Actually Work?

1. First you must buy a bid pack.

Bid Packs vary in price for each penny auction site on the web. I have seen bids priced from as little as $0.50 a bid to as high as $2.00 per bid.

2. Bid on an item!

Each time you bid on an item, one bid is taken from your account and the price of the item increases by one penny. The item's bid timer shows how much time remains until the auction closes. Each bid adds up to 20 seconds to the bid timer, this way you are assured to have time to bid if you'd like. Once the timer goes below 20 seconds, it never goes above 20 seconds again. The auction ends when there are no further bids!

Similar to "Going Once...Going Twice...SOLD"!!. If no one else bids and the timer reaches zero, the item is yours...and most often at 90% or 95% even up to 99% off retail!

3. If you win an item, you pay shipping and handling.

Upon winning an auction, you can then click the link stating that you have won, and you are taken to a page where you can pay the price that you won it for, plus the shipping/handling fee. Items are usually shipped out the next day.

There are plenty of penny auction scam sites on the internet that are not legitimate... and you can't really trust people's reviews of them either. You can find them for sale all over the internet. Anybody can purchase software or a script and there really is no way to tell if you are being cheated or not. The object is to keep you purchasing bid packs, and bidding against all of the other bidders (shill?)...they usually only give you a few free bids - just enoung to tease you.

There is one program, Zeekler.com, that I fully trust will not rip you off. Although the company has a 14-year track record of good business - they recently created a new division specifically for this new type of online auction... the PENNY auction.

They are actually running a promotion right now. I am allowed to give away 500 FREE Zeekler penny auction bids to anybody that wants them!

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