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Web Advertising Real Estate On Search Engines

What Is Search Estate?

Don't You Wish There Was A Search Engine That Would Actually Pay You To Advertise - Instead Of The Other Way Around? Well, If This Is The Case... I'm Glad You Found This Page! SearchEstate Is A Major Search Engine that Actually Puts Money In Your Pocket - Just For Advertising... And Yes - I Said That Correctly... You Get Paid To Advertise!

SearchEstate Is An Internet Advertising Solution Based On An Internet Search Engine. It Is Member-Based And Shares It's Advertising Spaces And Revenues With It's Members. Can You Imagine That?

These Advertising Spaces Are Called "Ad Billboards". This Is Free Advertising - Which Will Increase Your Web Site Traffic. Optimized For Internet Explorer And Firefox, They Appear In SearchEstate's Search Engine And Vast Network Of Distributed Web Sites.

WWW.GROUPTHERAPI.COM - The Web Site You Are Currently Visiting - Is Now A Part Of This Ever-Expanding Network... Getting In On The Action!

This System Allows You To Own These Pieces Of Digital Real Estate ("Search Estate"). The More "Ad Billboards" You Own, The More Free Perpetual Advertising And Money You Will Make!

After Joining, You Will Get To Implement Their Patent-Pending Perpetual Advertising System. Included In This System Is:

  • FREE web site for ALL your business opportunities

  • FREE search portal that shares revenue with you

  • Ad Billboards that rotate your text ads

  • Unlimited Click-thru Sponsored Ads

  • a proven Ad Cooperative that advertises and builds a membership downline for you

  • Money Can Definitely Be Made With This System. Their Affiliate Program Does Not Take A Backseat... They Actually Share The Profits!

  • fees from your membership downline
  • fees from the advertising sold thru your search portal
  • revenue from the advertising campaigns we run

  • If You Have A Website That Is Already Established - You Can Instantly Be Making Money And Getting Free Advertising Space! Their "Search Portal" Generates Serious Revenues... And You Make Money When It Does! You Can Also "Private Label" It - And Place Advertising On It.

    I've Went On Enough About This - Here - Check It Out For Yourself - Right Here

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